Industrial_KAQTU_Interior Design


Factory lights next to a worn leather sofa together with a side table, which used to stand as a cart next to the lathe - this stands for the industrial style. Discarded objects from the factory age are used here as coherent helpers and staged in a new way.



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Vuelta Pendant 100 Pendelleuchte
Shade TeppichShade Teppich
Ferm LivingShade Teppich
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Couchtisch, FariCouchtisch, Fari
Oyster WandleuchteOyster Wandleuchte
Couchtisch, RotaCouchtisch, Rota
Teppich, AgonTeppich, Agon
House DoctorTeppich, Agon
Sale priceFrom CHF 417.85
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Salontisch FERA - KAQTU DesignSalontisch FERA - KAQTU Design
Kleiderständer, VaganzaKleiderständer, Vaganza
Wandspiegel RIM - KAQTU DesignWandspiegel RIM - KAQTU Design
BlomusWandspiegel RIM
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Handtuchständer MENOTO - KAQTU DesignHandtuchständer MENOTO - KAQTU Design
Collect Lampenschirm gewölbt Collect Lampenschirm gewölbt
Laterne, PamaleLaterne, Pamale
House DoctorLaterne, Pamale
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Trolley, RollTrolley, Roll
Haze Vitrine, Geriffeltes GlasHaze Vitrine, Geriffeltes Glas
Haze Sideboard, Geriffeltes GlasHaze Sideboard, Geriffeltes Glas
Regal, GanyRegal, Gany
Punctual Regalsystem - Kombination 3
Doppelsitz Modul GROW - KAQTU DesignDoppelsitz Modul GROW - KAQTU Design
BlomusDouble seat module GROW
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Mingle Tisch 160 cm
Regal mit 4 RollenRegal mit 4 Rollen
House DoctorRegal mit 4 Rollen
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Slide Grill tiefSlide Grill tief
LED-Pendelleuchte Candle LH5 - KAQTU DesignLED-Pendelleuchte Candle LH5 - KAQTU Design
Regal mit 4 Rollen, TrolleyRegal mit 4 Rollen, Trolley
Standspiegel, ChicStandspiegel, Chic
Schrank, Collect, hangingSchrank, Collect, hanging
Bettwäsche Kaschmir - KAQTU Design
ZigZagZurichLinen cashmere
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LED-Pendelleuchte Candle LH3 - KAQTU DesignLED-Pendelleuchte Candle LH3 - KAQTU Design
Framework Teppich - KAQTU DesignFramework Teppich - KAQTU Design
Sideboard FERA - KAQTU DesignSideboard FERA - KAQTU Design
Tischleuchte, Big fellow-FinishTischleuchte, Big fellow-Finish
Crease Wollteppich KleinCrease Wollteppich Klein