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Korb, HangKorb, Hang
House DoctorKorb, Hang
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SPIN Bioethanol 6er x 1 LSPIN Bioethanol 6er x 1 L
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Kerze, SeasonKerze, Season
House DoctorKerze, Season
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Blumenkasten, PhoBlumenkasten, Pho
House Doctorflower box, Pho
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3 colors available

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Gabriel-Glas standard 6er Pack, maschinengeblasen - KAQTU DesignGabriel-Glas standard 6er Pack, maschinengeblasen - KAQTU Design
SPIN 90 Nachfülldose
Pflanzgefäss KENA - KAQTU DesignPflanzgefäss KENA - KAQTU Design
BlomusPflanzgefäss KENA
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Craft SalzstreuerCraft Salzstreuer
Normann CopenhagenCraft salt shaker
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Teller, SunsTeller, Suns
House DoctorTeller, Suns
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Teller, OrganiTeller, Organi
House DoctorTeller, Organi
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Kleiderbügel, WireKleiderbügel, Wire
Kerzenständer, AnitKerzenständer, Anit - KAQTU Design
Weinausgiesser GG - KAQTU Design
Korkenzieher Murano - KAQTU DesignKorkenzieher Murano - KAQTU Design
Cadini Kochtopf ø24cm 3.9L
The Voice Within 02 The Voice Within 02
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Vase, CylinderVase, Cylinder
House DoctorVase, Cylinder
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Laterne, PillarLaterne, Pillar
House DoctorLaterne, Pillar
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Blumenkasten, KhapBlumenkasten, Khap
Ripple Karaffeset kleinRipple Karaffeset klein
Glas (Gerillt) 4er SetGlas (Gerillt) 4er Set - KAQTU Design
Ägyptischer Baumwollvorhang Grau - KAQTU DesignÄgyptischer Baumwollvorhang Grau - KAQTU Design
ZigZagZurichEgyptian Cotton Curtain Grey
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5 colors available

Zeitungshalter SCHOLARZeitungshalter SCHOLAR
Weinregal STALWARTWeinregal STALWART
Wanddeko FILO 2er SetWanddeko FILO 2er Set
Trolley SOLOSTrolley SOLOS
Trolley MILTrolley MIL
Trolley GIULIATrolley GIULIA
Teppich STARKTeppich STARK
Teppich SATWATeppich SATWA
DutchboneTeppich SATWA
Sale priceFrom CHF 482.00
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Teppich RuggedTeppich Rugged
DutchboneTeppich Rugged
Sale priceFrom CHF 335.00
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Teppich ShishaTeppich Shisha
DutchboneTeppich Shisha
Sale priceFrom CHF 167.00
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