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Dos and don'ts for good interior design

The feeling of well-being in the room is created by a successful combination of different factors, which create a harmonious overall ambience. Get an overview of important factors here.
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The feeling of well-being in the room is created by a successful combination of different factors that create a harmonious overall ambience. I would like to go into a few key factors in this article:

It's always better in a team

Grouping individual items into a perceived unity is helpful. In a stylish apartment, we often come across small or large accumulations of furniture and accessories, which trigger a feeling in the formation that bestows emotions on the viewer.

Your spirit lives in your home

Many think that the colors of the medina in Marrakech and the lights of the Aegean in Greece are crucial to create a moody space with a distinctive atmosphere.

In my opinion, this is far too banal and not true. Much more important is the person who created the space and their thoughts on use, target group and effect. You can feel the spirit of that person in the details and see their inspirations and attraction. It's not the big gestures that set the mood in the room, but the sum of all the tiny details that form the whole into a shape. So be aware that you and your memorabilia are an important part of the atmosphere.

It's better to start with a glass of wine than with a full shopping card

To get your room planning off to a good start you need: a chair, a table, a bottle of wine and a glass and writing materials. Sit on the chair, open the bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass of wine. The ideas then come by themselves. Start jotting down your first thoughts. These do not have to be concrete and can also be daring. Even better, of course, if you do it in a team. You can also put the task aside in between. You will definitely come across ideas later that you did not have before. Furnishing rooms is a process and not a one-day fly. If you are reading this post, you have probably started a long time ago and maybe you will soon be ready to implement your thoughts.

If you go from department store to department store, you run the risk that the individual items will not suit the rooms accordingly, but that they will compete with each other too much. In this way, the room can hardly be experienced for all the objects. We therefore recommend that you first create an overall concept or have it created and then implement it.

The small details are what you should care for

Each object and product has its own identity and spirit. In order not to anger these spirits, it takes intellect, leisure and careful handling. If you succeed in accomplishing this shaman dance, you will be gifted with a mood that is unique and perfect.

Now have fun setting up and dancing!

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